2021 New Rules for DR.ÖTEK's Bonus Plan
 Simply share your user experience or stories on DR.ÖTEK group (attached to at least one picture for your finds).
 Submit on Facebook Group or Reddit Group, we would pick up our most favorite finds at the end of each month.
 Announce the winner by DR.ÖTEK official Facebook page with the tag #Bonusplanwinners. 
Simply complete the two steps below:

1. Share your amazing and valuable finds on DR.ÖTEK groups.
Please attach those pictures as well. 

2. Provide your information to sarah@drotekor.com :
(Your full name/e-mail address/Amazon order number ). Normally we would keep in touch with you within 5 working days. 

For Everyone who submits on social media or Amazon, we will give away DR.ÖTEK accessories of his choosing such as the digger or the pouch. (Note: Each order number can only apply for one free gift

Each month, we will pick the favorite finds for global marketing and give away a DR.ÖTEK IP68 Pinpointer MT6. 

The official start date is May 1, 2021, and will run until December 31, 2021. DR.ÖTEK will announce his winners--selected from everyone who entered during the previous month.

Anyone who purchased a DR.ÖTEK product is encourgaged to submit a personal treasure hunting sucess story with DR.ÖTEK metal detectors. Every time a personal treasure hunting story is submitted, We become excited for the treasure hunter who make it happen.

Customers love to write about their treasure hunting adventures. Simply share your stories with DR.ÖTEK and attached pictures to enter into the gift giveaway. 

Each month I will select one success find as my favorite submission. The selected metal detectorist will receive one FREE Pinpointer MT6 as our way of saying thanks to those persons who took the time to get out there, discover that treasure, and submit their story to DR.ÖTEK.

The winner will be announced on our Facebook official website. Happy detecting, and good luck!

Each story has elements of excitement, effort, emotion, and expertise, and sometimes we hear a good story of a great find. Just plain of good fortune.

The criteria for winning will be based on what excites me the most. It's not always the rarest find or the most valuable that touches me. It may be a great find, a great story, a great photograph, a great history lesson, or maybe a great heart-felt emotion. If you are not selected as a winner, Please don't be discouraged. Submit a new story next month.

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