MT6 Waterproof Pinpointer
Precise Pinpoint 
  • ​​​Fully Waterproof To 10 Meters
  • ​​360 Degree Detection
  • ​​No Disturbing Speaker
  • 4 Levels LED Depth indicate

Video review

Is the pinpointer fully waterproof?
FULLY WATERPROOF UP TO 32 FEET UNDERWATER. Take the pointer below the surface of lakes, rivers, ponds, and oceans to locate historic wrecks other searchers can't find. Other leading detectors only go down 13 feet and cannot be fully immersed in water. Ours fully submersible 32 feet depth gives you a big advantage.
why the pinpointer is no speaker?
NO DISTURBING SPEAKERS. Our better design uses vibrate and LED flashing alarm rather than audible noise. Lets you work quietly so as not to disturb others and wildlife. And the design would be better for waterproof function.
How long is the warranty?
2 YEAR WARRANTY! It is of no avail to reduce the price only without quality improvement. we are confident with our machine and we could provide you a long term warranty period compared with other's brand. If you have any concerns or problem, please feel free to contact us. We are always here to serve you.
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