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Free Testing Program

Do you want to try metal detecting but don't want to spend an arm and a leg?
Here's your chance!

In order to give more people who want to try metal detecting a chance to get into this hobby, we created this "Free Testing Program". 

As long as you are willing to share and love life, you will have the opportunity to become our free tester.

Requirements For Testers:

1. Testers should love metal detecting or want to get into this hobby.

2. Testers should have skills in media creation, such as video shooting, photography, and copywriting.

3. After using the product, be willing to share your experience on social media and product review areas.


1. Complete the form below to sign up.

2. This event is only open to US users.

3. The final interpretation right of this event belongs to DR.ÖTEK.

P.S.: When you submit information to DR.ÖTEK, you grant DR.ÖTEK the right to utilize the submitted work.
The final interpretation is reserved by DR.ÖTEK.

Apply for the Free Product
Below is the information needed to participate in DR.ÖTEK's free trial program.
Would you like to show off your first-hand user experience of this free product?
Which of the following ways of sharing are you best at?
Which of the following products would be of most interest to you?
Which type of test do you prefer to do?