MT-XR for Adults

  • ​Offers 5 Upgraded Modes including Pinpoint Mode, All metal, Discrimination, Memory, and Jewelry. Innovative Memory Mode remembers one kind of metal and only detects that specific type. Locate exactly what you want in far less time.
  • Large Backlight LCD Dispaly lets you work in the dark for a great deal more flexibility.
  • ​"9.8" Wide Search Coil can locate a quarter coin up to 10" underground. It can find larger objects at even greater depths.
  • ​Depth & Sensitivity Adjustable. Adjust the depth indication for objects 2", 4", 6", 8" with plus or minus, the 5 grade sensitivity control. 

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If you are one of the influencers in Youtube/Instagram/Facebook group/Forums/Blog page and want to test this new machine. Welcome to contact sarah@drotekor.com with your info including the URL of your profile, and specific testing plan

MTXE for Beginners (NEW)

  • Exclusive Scene Modes - This new version metal detector offers 6 detection modes, including 3 classic modes: All metal, DISC, and Pinpoint mode, 3 unique scene modes including Pasture, Park, and Sand mode.
  • Easy and Intuitive to Use - No complicated electronics operation. Adjust all the various settings with simple long and short presses of a button.
  • ​Adjustable & New Straight Stem Handle - Design with new ergonomic "Straight Stem" handle, has just the right tilt for hours of comfortable use.
  • ​New Advanced DSP Chip - Provides strong anti-interference ability to improve search range, sensitivity, and accuracy which greatly improved detection efficiency.
  • ​Great Metal Detector Accessory - The metal detector kit includes full accessories including premium & comfortable headphones, portable waist bag with large capacity , and durable edge digger for saving more time and effort while digging.

MT-X for Adults & Kids

  • Sate of art DR.ÖTEK metal detector has everything you need to locate antique iron, gold rings, coins, silver items and much more.
  • Pinpoint control lets you pinpoint to the exact location of findables as you drill down through layers to locate the really valuable stuff. 
  • ​Bonus shovel is specially designed and built to quickly dig down through gravel, rocks, sand, clay and other substances.
  • ​The alloy shaft can be adjusted to fit the height of kids or adults

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MT9s for Kids

  • safe, harmless, lightweight and very easy to use. You also can't beat the affordable price.
  • ​Unique Mode Design - Disc/Pinpoint mode. In Disc mode(all metal mode), the color of the center LED will flash different light when it detects different treasures. The Pinpoint mode saves you lots of time finding specific locations of objects.
  • ​28-37 inches adjustable stem adapts to children of different height.
  • ​Awesome for Science Education for students and parent-kid activities.


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MT6 Pinpointer

  • ​Fully Waterproof up to 32 Feet Underwater. Take the pointer below the surface of lakes, rivers, ponds, and oceans to locate historic wrecks.
  • ​360° Area of Detection This very sensitive 360-degree pinpointer can precisely locate the target rapidly and accurately.
  • ​One Button Ease of Use. One Button Operation makes this pinpointer very easy to use. 4 level LED lets you accurately pinpoint objects in all environments.
  • ​Our better design uses vibrate and LED flashing alarm rather than audible noise. Lets you work quietly so as not to disturb others and wildlife.

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  • ​Double Serrated Edge: Wider range of Jagged helps you cut cleaner and deeper plug. Quickly and easily get down to your target.
  • ​Comfortable ergonomic design: soft rubber handle. A handy belt holder loop sheath comes with the digger. Easy to take down and flexible mount.
  • ​Quality Material:Extremely sturdy alloy steel with the heat-treatment. Not fade and not deformation. More durable than normal carbon steel. No more worries during your treasure hunting.
  • ​Size: 13.4"×3.5"×5" Weight:1.32(lbs)

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  • ​Portable and lightweight storing bag, makes more convenience on your treasure hunt. The pinpointer and shovels can be easily put on the bag.
  • ​Adjustable Waist Belt:Easy-to-operate buckle for easy wear.Set a comfortable length at any time.
  • ​Waterproof: High quality with 100% polyester fabric, durable,wear-resistant material.
  • ​Hidden zip pocket:The deep capacity zipper bag on the inside can be used to find the items or separate the unwanted items, which is suitable for the wild.
  • ​SIZE: 11.82"×10.24×2" Adjustable belt length: 30.3''-43.3''
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