About Us

We are the inspired company that develops and offers the highest quality products to enrich your life. Our flagship product is the feature-filled metal detector. We also offer other product. These are everything you need for home, garden, outdoors, exploration, and a wide range of detection hobbies.

Browse our featured products and select the ones you want. Then sit back and relax while we ship directly to your door. Our excellent customer service makes you #1. Your satisfaction is always our most important goal.
  • Embarking on a journey of innovation and excellence, our products attract users from all over the world. With each passing year, we achieve significant milestones: from our official entry into the metal detecting market in 2017, to the recognition of our dedication to quality and usability by more than 30,000 enthusiasts in 2019, and to becoming the preferred choice of over 200,000 users in 2022. Finally, our unwavering commitment to continuous improvement positions us as the best choice for beginners in 2023. We invite you to join us as we continue to evolve, refine, and lead the way in the field of metal detecting.

  • Connecting the world, leading in innovation - choose DR.ÖTEK for your treasure hunt.

    Internationally recognized and trusted, DR.ÖTEK represents the pinnacle of technological advancement.

    From 16 countries to over 300,000 users, DR.ÖTEK's journey is the starting point for every explorer.