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Must-Know Metal Detection Tips: Your Essential Guide Before You Begin(Part one)

Mastering the Art of Metal Detecting: Perfecting Your Detector Technique

Metal detecting is not just a hobby; it's an art that requires finesse and skill to unearth hidden treasures successfully. One of the critical aspects of becoming a proficient detectorist is mastering how to hold, adjust, and sweep the detector for optimal performance. In this guide, we'll walk you through the essential techniques to ensure you're maximizing your metal detecting potential.

1. Holding the Detector with Precision

The foundation of effective metal detecting lies in how you hold the detector. Follow these steps to achieve the perfect grip:

  • Thread your arm through the armrest and strap securely.
  • Grasp the handle firmly, allowing your forearm to rest comfortably on the armrest.
  • Position your elbow just above the back of the armrest, making the detector an extension of your forearm.

By maintaining this correct armrest positioning, you'll experience less fatigue during long hunts and have greater control over your detector.

2. Adjusting the Shaft Length for Optimal Comfort

Finding the ideal shaft length is crucial for effortless swinging of the coil while avoiding unnecessary stretching or stooping. Follow these guidelines:

  • Ensure the coil is not too far from your body, as it may become challenging to balance and maneuver the detector effectively.
  • On the other hand, avoid positioning the coil too close to your body, as it might detect other metal objects you're carrying, leading to confusing signals.

Experiment with different shaft lengths until you find the perfect balance, where you can sweep the coil smoothly without strain.

3. Perfecting the Coil Angle

A well-adjusted coil angle is essential for optimal metal detection capabilities. Follow these steps to get it right:

  • Loosen the bolts that connect the lower shaft to the coil, allowing for adjustment.
  • Press the coil lightly to the ground while holding the detector as if you're detecting, ensuring it sits flat and parallel to the ground.
  • The coil should remain parallel as you lift it to the sweep height, which is approximately 1/2-inch (10 mm) above the ground.
  • Tighten the bolts just enough to hold the coil in its position.

This setup ensures increased detection depth and improves response to smaller objects, boosting your chances of uncovering valuable finds.

4. Mastering the Art of Coil Sweeping

To extract the best performance from your metal detector, pay attention to your coil sweeping technique:

  • Keep the coil close and parallel to the ground while sweeping, as this maximizes detection depth and sensitivity to small objects.
  • Avoid excessive brushing of the coil on the ground, as it can introduce unnecessary noise and reduce the detector's efficiency.
  • Practice sweeping the coil in a side-to-side motion while slowly walking forward at the end of each sweep.
  • Slightly overlap the previous sweep to ensure full ground coverage, leaving no stone unturned in your search for hidden treasures.

With precise coil sweeping, you'll be able to cover more ground efficiently and increase your chances of finding hidden treasures. 


Metal detecting is an exciting adventure that combines passion, technique, and a love for unearthing history. By perfecting your holding, adjusting, and sweeping techniques, you'll unleash the full potential of your metal detector, enhancing your treasure hunting experience. Remember, practice makes perfect, so get out there and hone your skills as you embark on countless metal detecting quests! Happy hunting! 🌟


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