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For those starting out in detecting, the easy-to-use DR.ÖTEK Series detectors will ignite your passion for the hunt. With high-performance technology and a lightweight design, you'll unearth treasure wherever you go searching.

Undoubtedly, you'll want to start straight away. Before you head out, be sure to do your groundwork.

Select the correct model you are owning and get the treasure-hunting tips right now.

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7 secrets about metal detecting summarized by more than 50 metal detecting experts. Help you have an easier transition into the world of metal detecting!

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The detection truth summarized by more than 100 DR.ÖTEK fans in 9 different scenes makes your detection more efficient and no longer empty-handed!

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8 most common problems summarized by over 100 detecting novices, and proposed the best solution by the detecting experts so that you don't have to worry about mistakes!

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6 Troubleshooting Tips to help you get back up quickly when you are experiencing problems with your pinpointer to save your time and frustration!

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