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What Is a Good, Entry Level Metal Detector for Beginners?

Congratulations you have just found one of the best,  most exciting, fastest-growing hobbies there is! This hobby can bring hours of family fun and enrich your life at the same time! In this wonderful hobby, you could possibly find hidden money caches, lost coins, jewelry, historical relics, and other valuables.

At this point you're probably wondering what is a good, entry-level metal detector for a beginner, and how do I choose the best machine? Let's discover the answer together!

To be honest, this question is not easy to answer as we recognize not everyone is in the same boat when it comes to their intended use, skill level, and budget. In this article, I would love to share something with you based on real market research and data from our fan group.

IMPORTANT: 3 Vital Features your detector should have that every newbie ought to consider before purchasing a metal detector!

  • Ultra Lightweight Machine. As many people know lightweight machines are absolutely more popular among experienced detectorists as they enable the treasure hunter to detect longer and not get tired as sooner. This is particularly helpful for kids, seniors, and those people who would take their machine on vacation, or have a long day metal detecting.
    Lighter is always better in this hobby!
  • Simple and Easy to Operate. Many times the big brand or the high-level machines are pursued by beginners, when in fact that beginner never understands or even uses all the complex settings and features on those types of machines. Why purchase a high-priced or big name brand that is so complicated you don't or can't understand all the settings and or may never even use it?
  • Excellent Value for the Money. Ask yourself... What is the highest affordable price you can pay for a detector? Most beginners choose machines with a price that is under $200 as these machines usually meet most people's expectations. Most of these machines also have basic features like PP (pinpoint mode) mode, several search modes, and a decent recovery speed.

Based on these three main factors, I would highly recommend the DR.ÖTEK Metal Detector brand of metal detectors and metal detecting equipment. All the products under the DR.ÖTEK name are designed with beginners in mind, and will absolutely meet all your basic expectations with a reasonable and fair price. Just take the DR.ÖTEK MT-XR metal detector for an example: Extremely Lightweight! Value! Durable! Great Price!

Offers 5 upgraded modes including Pinpoint Mode, All metal, Discrimination, Memory, and Jewelry. Locate exactly what you want in far less time.
This shovel helps you dig holes with ease, and much faster! The sharp serrated edges make getting through those roots a lot easier and much quicker! 
This headset helps block out surrounding noises, and gives you a pleasant listening experience! This also means you won't be disturbing others, but at the same time, you won't be missing any signals either!
This carry bag is very convenient and will carry all your metal detecting equipment! This means you can keep and carry everything together in one convenient bag, and won't have to worry about losing something, or having to carry multiple items all at the same time!
Not only do you receive all the great DR.ÖTEK metal detecting equipment in one package, but it's also great for your pocket! Purchasing the complete set will save you at least $50 with an amazing price of just $147.99! If you were to buy all these items separately it would cost you $201.96... What A Savings!!
Just $147.99, instead of $201.96
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