What's the Difference Between DR.ÖTEK's Metal Detector MT-XR Set and MT-XE Set?

This must be the most asked question by our users. In this blog, you will see the most comprehensive comparison of the MTXR Kit and the MTXE Kit. If you are still struggling with which one to buy, maybe you can find your answer after reading it. 

MTXR is DR.ÖTEK's classic model. Since its launch, MTXR has won the favor of many detectorists for its stable performance and high-cost performance. It was recommended by many influencers as one of the best metal detectors for beginners. 
drotek mtxr metal detector for beginners
MTXE is DR.ÖTEK's latest metal detector, released in 2022. With its light body and unique three terrain modes, it's very easy to carry and use. It will be available in Blue and Green this year. It's definitely a great choice as your first metal detector. 
drotek mtxe metal detector for beginners
OK, let's check out the comparison of these two products in terms of parameters and functions. You will intuitively get to know their differences.

How  To Choose?

I would like recommend you MT-XR, if you are in the following situation:

1. I have some metal detecting experience and knowledge, want to get more operating challenges and improve my metal detecting skills. 
2. I want to travel with a metal detection kit, need a large capacity carry bag to pack all the accessories and Pin-pointer in it.
3. I already own a high-level metal detector and want a high-quality and affordable detector as a backup.

I would like recommend you MT-XE, if you are in the following situation:

1. I have no detecting experience at all and want to give it a first try.. I don't want to be bogged down with complicated buttons and settings.
2. I would like to choose a easy-operate metal detector as a gift for an inexperienced teen or senior. 
3. I love metal detecting at the beach. I want a metal detector that can effectively reduce interference of seawater.
4. I'm looking for a more lightweight metal detector that won't tire my arm even after a long time of detection.
All in all, they are both designed for beginners and highly recommended by users and metal-detecting newbies. Both of them can help you to find treasures and old coins for you quickly and efficiently. 
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